Research and Achievement*

Current Grants

Listed below are some funded grants by each faculty. New idea and grant  are developing in our research progression and discussion between faculty and student.

  • Dr. Mien-Chie Hung 洪明奇
    • Signal pathways and epigenetic regulation of stem cells  
    • Development of novel strategies for lung cancer therapy
  • Dr. Long-Yuan Li  李龍緣
    • The molecular mechanism of ErbB-2 nuclear translocation and its role in tumor progression and metastasis
    • The Effects of Nuclear ErbB-2 on Tumor Progression and Metastasis
    • Adipocyte and osteoblast differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells
    • Development of Novel Therapeutic Strategies for Hepatocellular Carcinoma
  • Dr. Chia-Ling Hsieh  謝嘉玲
    • L1 cell adhesion molecule in prostate cancer metastasis: biology and therapeutics application 
    • Mesenchymal stem cells tumor tropism and its application in targeted gene therapy
  • Dr. Yun-Luen Yu  余永倫
    • The nuclear function of EGF receptor in cancer cell proliferation
    • Molecular Mechanisms of Neuron Differentiation in Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
  • Dr. Shian-Ying Sung  宋賢穎
    • ADAM9 gene targeting concomitantly with radiation therapy for the effective treatment of prostate cancer bone metastasis
    • Multi-chemokine factor concomitantly induce prostate cancer organ specific bone metastasis
    • Functional studies of orphan chemokine receptor, CCRL2, in prostate cancer bone metastasis
  • Dr. Jen-Liang Su  蘇振良
    • Study the novel molecular mechanisms of E1A-mediated tumor suppression and metastasis
    • Novel signal pathways involved in lung cancer brain metastasis
    • Study the novel functions and molecular mechanisms of VEGF-C in lung cancer
  • Dr. Wei-Chien Hunag  黃偉謙
    • Role of nuclear HER-2 in acquired resistance to EGFR inhibitors IKK alpha
    • Novel roles of nuclear IKK alpha in tumor progression and metastasis
    • The role of sodium/glucose transporter 1 in EGFR-targeted therapy of lung cancer